Vernal Ascendance

I was dreaming about you the other day …
Caught glimpses of you so vivid
I could touch your face,
Feel your smile emboldened to
A blaze of light, glazing ruminations –

Blinding image washes me again
A baptism in the memoirs of you
Unveiling the never-ending notion
That I am –have always been—
For you, and you for me as

Aquatic rush in thought-rhythm
Polishes all recollections become
The heirloom jewels of inoculate
Protecting me with your carnelian heart,
Your laughter like the infinite summer sun

My waking hours merge now with quite slumber
Acquiesce of sleep lulls me to note that
It’s always you along my harbor of dreams
Your signal light on the pale of every path I walk on
Every journey, every ascent I embark unknown


© K. James Ribble

Earth at Perigee

Thespian Drummer

Yesterday I came in
From my self,
Sat down beside you,
Began to sing.
Aspiring towards you
Quelled by midnight
With a voice of one
I hummed down long stormy
Sheathes of your smile
As if I had tilted the sun’s
Axis for a better view
Of earth at perigee,
Your closeness like a
Journey, like the rain’s
Finishing touches
On the common day.
© K. James Ribble

“Earth at Perigee” first appeared on this blog in May of 2016. It was since published in Figroot PressIssue Three December 2016, a wonderful collection of poetry, prose, art & photography, found here.  Check it out!  >KJR<

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Journey to Mt. Self

Before I was young
I kept having this vision
An entropic precognition
Fading beyond unknown
Familiarity, recurring each
Time I thought of you . . .

There, I am floating
Above a vast golden desert
Embraced by fuchsia’s light
Across rain-yellow sloughs
And tangerine buttes
Reflecting an expectant sun

Upon these Hesperian mountains,
Like a coruscate of coalescing dreams;
There below me is a road, a
Single road with a single white
Carriage sloping through this
Luring vision-scape, a final

Framing so complete, I can
Smell the desert air and
Feel the sun’s warmth
Stroking my skin
Ever so lightly; at which
Point I always wake to now

Where I see you next to me
A treasured reminder that
My travel all these years,
Through all these Visions
Have brought me to you,
And these mountainous treks

Of my Life I keep crossing,
The mountains of my self
Find that you’ve always
Been within me, just above
The horizon of these visions,
An amaranth of love’s sweet arrival.

© K. James Ribble

Realm of Heart

Cast away all fear and
Let the palette of my life
Paint the canvas of
Your heart and mind —
Give to me your thoughts
And I will color in this
Pavonine of idea and concept
Yet pierce the realm of Emotion
On wingéd conscience as
Effortless as horse drawn lovers.

It is in this distance that
I meet you in the realm of heart,
Walk hand in hand with destiny
And kiss your untouched lips:
There I sketch a mockery of lust
Into innocence, overwhelm the doubt
With trust, recreate my lost hope
With vision and significance,
Bring power to my honesty
With your every smile!

In your eyes there
Is more than a dream,
There is an entire Gallery of
Perfection amongst hope restored
Where I honor the hues
And tones of my being
Coming alive throughout the
Universe of your cosmic gaze!

What more can emotion contain?
Is there elocution amidst
The Prism of human feeling?
Indeed I have tapped the very Chroma
Of my life in your presence,
And drunk a simple rainbow of
Culmination on the inside
Of your loving embrace.


© K. James Ribble


All these dreams of memory like a sunquake
Beneath the flutter of my heart’s desire
Fuels emotions recalling to me, “are you in love?”

As if Monet himself stroked the daylight long
Yes, I stalk my love like a Malayan Tiger
Courting her hand for mine: Yes we are sublime!

All these memories freed of Time now burn
Bright like a lamp in my heart of devotion
Once dwelled ancient upon the land, a Shangri-La

Where Mnemosyne herself asks again: “are you in love?”
Yes, I am lost in the ardent fields of you, my love.

© K. James Ribble


A parched man in
A barren desert
I emerged today
Within an oasis of you

Just to pass within
The sphere of
Your presence
Allowed me to drink

And I am quenched
By your Smile
Your Eyes
All of you

Satiated far beyond
My hope – for I have
Walked So very long –
Seeing no one, no thing

Such a long time to you…



© K. James Ribble

Allegro Is Smiling

On a contrail of stars,
Her stride light as Grand Jeté,
This tiny woman passes with
Enough power to knock
My two-meter frame down
With her smiling eyes –
We walk the
Southern Shores
Of Time
A pas de deux of innocence:
We, self-portraits of youth,
Pulling at the
Edges of this
And each other
Like a hidden string
In the sand
Along the barre of
Reminiscence/Instance /Vision,
Morning-Shaped for
Luscious Discovery
As ocean currents of
Our Azure romance,
Finally finds us
In love’s arabesque.
– For Wendy
© K. James Ribble