Heredity of Landscapes

Lying next to you alone,

my heartbeats create the

involuntary memory of

your skin

in a pedigree of

soft impressions


the touch of heredity in your

landscapes – the edge

of longevity that seeks the

insatiable, the silk alignments

in a purchase of stars –


yet found again

in the pale green acceptance

of time’s riven nature


and it becomes the unknowable,

undeniable, yet unendurable starmark

of a blue and innocent mantle,

placing the image of you

in an acceptance of      all that I am

in all     that I have given

up on a veil of memory

cleansed by the

clearest waters of

my love for you



© K. James Ribble

Desert Light

Desert light streaks nascent

on the snows of archival white

young beams that cannot die

lest the sun lingers any longer –


In the mindfulness of time

we’ve received the gift of life,

a cognizance rife with an awareness, a

clarity primed, a reality un-fettered

by the misfires of memory;

alas, the gift does not rely

on perception alone; there is no time

for such things as reminiscence


So I travel on my way

blissfully aware that I am

found in discovery of my own likeness,

the secondhand tick of being human


where the road I travel longs for the

finality of impermanence, like the

slow and lengthy misconception

that strikes the evidence as truth


when the god spark within me speaks

of love to the light of day

and your hands, above the chorus of dawn,

lay gently on my brow of hope.




© K. James Ribble

A Subtle Boldness

“Winter finds reasons

to seek kisses from the Spring

sweet flowers emerge”



Cosmos of endlessness

bears witness to your

infinite beauty, the soul of

who you are –

A subtle boldness

falls silent,

emotionally bound to

thoughts of

desert nights

Rising casual on the incline

of time

never once obliged to

the memory of the currents

blown straight through Winter to

leave the signature of who you are



© K. James Ribble



The Empathy of Children

Even in the closeness of winter

here in this time –


in this place –


you have no idea how

honored I am to regarded

as your father –

You are the gift of myself

and your mother

we have given you everything

And yet it is you

Who gives me Life

for I am a galaxy of

of you  – for you.

No other bond

remains / .


© K. James Ribble

Blue Pearl

Blue pearl of sky
Flush with winter sun that
I am relinquished to –
[ensorcelled from the daylight to
which I am abandoned to,]
in the quiet of this instance
I am bequeathed to a vision
of having had privilege, a
crossing of paths in that
second – where we saw Truth
as we’d never seen it –
brief as it was, astral in its way,
it has drawn me to find sanctuary
in my own acceptance – stepping
stones to greater intuition, the way
clouds shed their skin, and dispel a
thin patina of white across the desert
floor, its remnants of time -clasped –


© K. James Ribble

curiosity of conscience

There is a curiosity of


in the unhealed wounds

of our sorrows;

a symbol of memory,

engendered by our love,

where remorse nor validation

dwells –

we seek a higher ground,

fulfilling promises made

to ourselves,

holding life enhanced

by the blessing of time – like the

way gold clouds of the desert

converge in a confluence

of gratitude and guilt,

the thought of squandering a life,

lays entirely at the hands of your Self –

And so I walk with the gait of

rhythm and grace in a carriage

of knowing: that it is your blood I

carry in my veins



© K. James Ribble