As I Am

As I am my own mimesis
Actor abstruse and unscripted
Yet keep hitting the snooze button on
This unplanned life ‘till I finally get up –
As if the wind gambled – so I get to my feet.

Like sad wisps of air floating in my dreams
I traipse along cold floors of chance
Keep throwing the dice just to say
I know I’m coming back to good-luck thinking
The fortune of us can weather the changes.

I build what I can set plans to a theme
Try to dance to sooth my heart and avoid
Acrimony those ideas to vapid vacillation as Escape-
A common melody of time’s relentless stare.
I try moving in agile company to lose its sarcasm

As if my sense of humor went awry like gin
Composting all these thoughts in fields left fallow
For the oncoming Winter proclaiming to the land:
This is my future my own performance, cross left
Downstage, towards an unlit proscenium of sorrow.


© K. James Ribble

This Time

There is this time
A re-play of memory –
A memory that comes from
Another place – memory
Washing over me like rain
From a time that is not
Of me – but Before me
So many lifetimes ago.
These re-collections
Found in sepia just
Before they leave me,
Manifest in quiet jamboree
Of pine fire and lilac
Opens to overlay upon
This View inside me,
As if the memory still resides
With the person from whence
It came – I am just a vessel
For this Moment passing
Through me like wind gently
Embraces a leaf, together,
Falling to the stream below
Floats gently bound for oceans
From so long ago.
© K. James Ribble

Mercury and the Moon

We became vagary like the moon and
Just as mercurial, a momentary flutter

Aside the contortion of our hearts,
Like sprites on the Lake of Summer –

A reflection of us cast the same light as
Projection of time splays towards Now.

Culmination of distance no longer applies
So here, like a resolution of abundance, we are

A launch to become as one, unfinished as
A Dance, rough as quadrille along lost shores,

Just our own digression, like vapor as it rises
Across the morning moor of sunrise, you and I.

© K. James Ribble

Sans S’en Apercevoir

Original Intuition lost before the
Illusory of a hidden coast
The shores of my tense long past forgotten
The insight of my own crystalline dreams
Became a pretense to altered paths

That same ocean that carried us to
The aquiline of dissipation, came forth
Before I ever knew you were already
In love with me, and so I cannot fathom
The pillaring of your heart before our earthen ways

To an absence of our succession before the
Highest beliefs that the same genuine Manifest
Of Time illuminated the entrance to our edifice,
Our capture, like the brilliance of the sullen sun
Before it becomes lost to the neighboring stars.

This now confirms all concatenations,
The timing of You and I, as the caste of our love
Seeks grounding to the gates of forty years –
A seedling we placed in each other’s hearts now
Bears the link we’ve always known would come to this.


© K. James Ribble


I am spurn
Of magnanimous origin
Lest lose all light beyond
My own shadow

Relay of tears capsize
Over fears of patience
The fields of which are drawn
From our Well of deep love

Insinuate the time as
You always do and bring me
An ally of a heart beyond rebirth
To the coronary of unbridled joy

This is how I am when
Within your presence –aloft
Before the granite fires burn with purpose
Our everlasting love will replenish the earth.


© K. James Ribble

The Weight

To wish I could
Go back
Go back to who I was before

The Decision

To play out my own timeline with a different _______.
To see where I could have gone on
-And of-
My own volition

Like a dream of inconsolable



Like the difference of being alone
And being lonely
The weight of this sorrow is crushing
Suffocation is my friend with whom I wait
Inhaling every dream as my endurance

Suffers loss after loss
Superimposed over a deficit of option
Finds my language is frozen

In time

The time I Lost you Forever.


© K. James Ribble


Discovery of understanding
I am given unto you
A clarity of self, shed
Vicarious tears on
Trampled fears of
Taciturn sorrows – so
I am surrounded like lucid dreams
The Coalescence of you and I
We become arbiters of
Beginning, the prescient impulse to
The forged go-between of
Kindness and all the love
We can hold.

© K. James Ribble