There are miles between us
I know not the answer to our distance

Yet taste the closeness of our souls
I find time unable to keep

Remembrances to mere image
Thus feel you inside me still.

There has been an establishment (of us)
A form in which no logic can apply

We are the advantage of ourselves
In a limitation that boasts no walls

Caught in mid‑flight

On a touch we never finished

While the wonder of the wind remains
Leaving us together

Leaving you and I alone
Waiting for return

So familiar to our hearts

© K. James Ribble

A Dream of Dreaming

In between conscience and obliteration
There lies a realm not unlike right now
Favored in light yet mahogany to the touch
Its character lost on the rocks of fear

This aspect of my location in time on which
The very drift of your stellar shores abide
Are bridled by the look you’ve borne my way
Sending me dreams in states unmoored by its

Station your place inside me all but ruined
Blanketed with steel like time’s open doors
Over a threshold of petrified thought you’ve
Shown me again and again over and over

While I castigate the memory of this perception
In a slip-line of time across the fanfare of my
Heart I tumble across your patience that cannot
Wait any longer I cannot wait to hold you in my arms

© K. James Ribble


Create out of scale
Just beside the measure of time
Be at once alone and forgiven
Should there be any doubt

Canvas and apply in mosaic for me
So my memory of you is soft as
Nothing like silent glass in rows
Like suburbs near Detroit

And just in case I cannot see you
I’ve fallen into justice as I am
Come for me urgent like a lost
Crease in fine silk where

Tomorrow sets pace inside you
Showering snowset on the lip of today
As caution rains on noble mountains
Upending acres of vaulted mention
Of you

© K. James Ribble


Winter is the snow‑cold white
Ice‑clear emotion I stand on
Ending tears of crystal thought
You are
Summer like blue on
The days yellow warmth
And distance is the image I retrieve
From the grasp I once lost
On a grip of fear as
Autumn‑bound time
Tears out the feeling of an intention:
To mix the thoughts to a song‑painting
In 7/4 and never finish the instrumental
Just play the sensations color
Like a never‑ending flight
To Alpha Centauri
In star‑light time
Like frosted sunlight
Like the Spring smells
Of a wind‑time romance
In destiny‑wrought human forgiveness
You pause for a moment . . .
And laugh

© K. James Ribble

Potential for Truth

So many times I’ve seen the emotional vomit
Of broken hearts – the nauseous heart that lingers

So many times I savored the taste in the bitterness
Of love’s pain the glaring emptiness of emotion’s failure

That sat upon love’s lap like a disgusted rose —
So many times

Then like an Iris blooming in the spring of pure hope
How was I to know that your being there on that day

Would spark on a new and mysterious joy?
I saw the potential for Truth ring through you like

The Liberty Bell and I said to myself
I would gladly pay the bill for the price to find

The Truth in your love the loyalty in your heart
You’ve always sought and to cancel any notion

Of loneliness forever within your lifetime
And yet I realize that I dare not walk

But one more step toward your name that I say
Over and over again in dangerous anticipation.

© K. James Ribble

See Northern Lights

Have you seen the Northern Lights?
When our Earth laughs with the Sun
Just before they go to bed?
A waterfall of fractured light like

The wager of dawn’s cloak of On-fire Blue
Like the amethyst green in the yawn of heaven?
They rollick in unbridled bliss the stuff of fables
Snowing light across billowing shell of Night’s

Cold bluster a half-shade above my delight
Alongside warmth of cautious pleasure
While waiting for nothing but another
Afore unknown color traps my eyes my brain

The universe of my own cortex of synapse
Color that does not exist but in thought alone –
I have witnessed a charge of genius
Whose virtue is not without art!

© K. James Ribble

Conscious And Aware

I am in this moment
Conscious and aware
Divine Insight washes over me
As if I am jagged rocks
In a river of thought
My mind a whirlpool of
Clear pure water the liquid
Of my life culminating inside
The riverbed of my past
Allowing the history to unwind
Across adjacent moments
Random yet accessible like
The light that glimmers towards
The cascade of my memory
A prism of color so vast I
Cannot fathom its depths
Even though I am washed upon
The banks of my own intent
A cleansing of the changes
Unavoidably, relentlessly
Catches and hurdles the underflow
Of my own Knowing
Taking me to Calmness and
Wrought Understanding


© K. James Ribble

The Diamond Light Of Losing You

Ice crystals of pain reflect
The diamond light of losing you
Geometry of tragedy reaches
Beyond the grasp of light
Refracting the love I lost
When I walked away from you
As all motion of life collides
With my broken heart inside this
Kaleidoscope of madness
The crimson palace of my sorrow

From far above I see myself
Reaching toward the healing bow
Upon the craft of my own redemption
Built with the hands that gave me Life
Emerging from within my own abandon
And I am lost throughout the stars
Of your magnificence a universe
A galaxy which you began so long
Ago and which I have forsaken

Legends cannot replace the love
We created on those days
Wherein the peaceful waters retreat
To the calm reflection of your breath
And I am reminded once again inside
This hall of ours that your warmth
Forms the Balustrade of my existence
The sweet foundation of our joy
Placed deep inside the anchors of my soul
Only to emerge once again

Free from all the pain of losing you
Returning home welcomed by your
Arms embracing our Perfect Love

© K. James Ribble

Native – A Legacy of Time

The cleansing of my heart
Has taken place on scented thought
In a night far too clear along the galaxies end
I reach for words like the spokes of a
Spiders web never once thinking how
Arbitrary the process becomes
When pen and paper are left to the
Whims of deed and chance
(I’d have better luck) elsewhere
So, forgive me as I reach again
Longing to merge my heart to the Words
Where worlds descend on laughter’s end
Pouring out onto an evenings coat
Like milk on silk over water’s flow
It’s as if the crescent moment of
A life’s sheer wake
Has left me no choice but to make
Endemic time all the more
Convincing to my choice
Of going home
To you
Like going home
On Christmas Day

© K. James Ribble


The simple sound of my song
Inside the complexity of my Heart

I stand aside the mountain within and
Transport my Self along its crest

Venture familiar valleys deep with
Unencumbered love like the Grace of

Each day I walk run and ramble
Its pathways the coastline revealing

A shore that does not end it has no
Limit just as the longest day of the year

Has no claim on my beginning and there
Are no reservations on my only hope

That my journey never ends as I collect
My vision of the love I have embraced

Captured by the Sounds of the Day
While evening surrounds my thanksgiving

© K. James Ribble