Too Long

I have gone too long
Without the touch of
Your skin, your face,
Your lips of dusk and fire
Like a patient sculptor
Of time, I ply my
Crafted words to your
Lovely modeled reveal
Where I learn the lessons
Of your crescent torso
Your face of longing
The crescendo of your thighs
As my breath slowly rises
To the warmth of
Your calm desire – I know
It’s been far too long
This absence from your
Home where the splendor of
Your radiance resides
It is your heart and mind
Your precious character that
I long for within all the
Softly flowing beauty
That is yours,
Just as you are –
Here now with me.


© K. James Ribble

Sword of Resolve

like the heavens revealed//I float
behind the stars//an Etch of lost memory
tendered to the surface//on the great lakes of time.
As visionary//of this unyielding blue//
and Wet meridians//I gesture towards release//
while Clash of thoughts//run clean through me//
like an Awl propelled to my Chest//my heart
scarred in love like the Hew of Laws meant
for striking ones enemy//so I Whet my sword of resolve//
open myself to love once more//try not to Welch on my
promise//to keep this conspectus of Life divine//
but grounded//like the Talcs of kindness//
they are a burden now released//from the Salt found
on the Clew//of my ship of dying fears.

© K. James Ribble


The lost art of remembrance
Evokes the wild, the manqué
Inside of me, all character within
Transformed by the Place you’ve occupied
Since the æons began – so I am held

Filtered of substance too viscous for
Lost thoughts as these memories
Defy the ether of retribution –
Recalling like a river on the dewy
Scale of March, the morning held,

Magnificent by this psionic sun,
Your hue and canvas now cleave into me
As a sky sulky with the conscription
Of Blue – with you, staring into my eyes saying,
Should this moment -any of this, even one breath-

Were to lose the denouement
Of its mounting, and we could never
See such a vision again, my heart will
Still stay, still long to keep flowing,
Flowing towards the figure of you.


© K. James Ribble

The Constellation of You

I walk the give and flow
Of my days, traverse
The untouched constellations
Of a universe aligned to
The evenings hush of dusk
Watch the hoarfrost outside
Play its sweet melody
Sing a veneer of light
A costume of Heart
Plotting every note
Of warmth I hear
Above the lofty
Songs of you.
I travel its lush
Allegories this music,
A Quiet sighting of mythos
Distilled in timelessness,
Passing me like the light
Of Castor and Pollux the
Luminous friends of Orion,
Their shine reflecting your
Place within me so it
Becomes the Magnitude
Of my affections long before
Your shining heart cast
Its radiant light upon me –

I am yours.

© K. James Ribble

I Am Born

Her connection to me
Remains to this day, a
Fusillade of astonishment set to the
Rhythm of Ellington like down in

Motown there’s a history a place
Unremitting, her qualms casual so
There’s nothing to be sorry for
Her streets bleed the same color

Of red the same Eucharist I saw
I See before I could see it
Like watching Australis Borealis
Mention the sobriquet of time

Names the scrim of every moment
A diphthong of their voices
Stripped raw before me, life as I
Cross sanguine into a new beginning.

© K. James Ribble