Journey to Mt. Self

Before I was young
I kept having this vision
An entropic precognition
Fading beyond unknown
Familiarity, recurring each
Time I thought of you . . .

There, I am floating
Above a vast golden desert
Embraced by fuchsia’s light
Across rain-yellow sloughs
And tangerine buttes
Reflecting an expectant sun

Upon these Hesperian mountains,
Like a coruscate of coalescing dreams;
There below me is a road, a
Single road with a single white
Carriage sloping through this
Luring vision-scape, a final

Framing so complete, I can
Smell the desert air and
Feel the sun’s warmth
Stroking my skin
Ever so lightly; at which
Point I always wake to now

Where I see you next to me
A treasured reminder that
My travel all these years,
Through all these Visions
Have brought me to you,
And these mountainous treks

Of my Life I keep crossing,
The mountains of my self
Find that you’ve always
Been within me, just above
The horizon of these visions,
An amaranth of love’s sweet arrival.

© K. James Ribble

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