claiming the balance

Of this I know:

Your tellfire came to me from

            before, when there was

            no now – only being – with

You as an admonition of light

            softly failing,

            claiming the balance

Of your eyes in front of me,

            in wonder of every corner

            of your face, an ever-patient

Mirror of my own making,

            where you and I are quiet

            against the blueblack of dusk

Prefaced by nothing but calm

            in a hibernation of night, fast approaching

© K. James Ribble

a catchphrase of shadow

Sounds of morning

            inside the music of light

            lies an embodiment of

time, its imagery of you

a catchphrase of shadow,

            the project of a Dream

            toward infinite wonder,

Inured by the well-meaning wind –

            so I am lifted towards you in

            a disaffected way, in utter calm

            knowing full-well the value of

Or discovery, our understanding of knowing,

            where topographic pointillism

            regards you as foreground in a

            landscape no one knows about – but you –

An inclusion no one expected, and yet -still- you know.

©  K. James Ribble


In your eyes the eventide above

the moon’s grey somber

etiolates the light

            of Light

the stuttering of wind, capturing them

            in a pallor of sun,

            causing their color (a sanctuary


To reveal your heart in uncounted

            numbers of life and death

            We, no longer afraid,

            no longer refrain where

Voices echo in the long canyons,

            the amulet golds

and Moroccan umbers

Discovering your blush

            in a contemplation of hues,

            befalling all my love for you.


© K. James Ribble


Of all the moments I held you

warm, warmer than the

the sun is bright today,

there lays one in a bisque of waterform

crying where the autumn night is

deep in wonder humming long

as the Dark in fire . . .

This scant yet supple-subtle course

hinges on tomorrow in its

light – the way Now

forms each wonder of kindness

as an underling,

like a child whose preciousness

is far beyond words . . .

In this acknowledgement of wisdom,

we hurl ourselves among the stars

as primitive – yet predate the dawn

not knowing the elements before us

– and yet there is an understanding

in the elegance of peace,

for each one of us

is drenched in the color

of daylight passing


© K. James Ribble

vague dreams of you

In a choral of silence
          there are notions –
          notions of Love
where the clouds give way
          to light
          founded in the breath
of your gaze …
          cadenced & sun-stroked
          by the poverty of time
where all stars
          congregate in the teal
          evergreen of your eyes,
it is here the Summer ends
          in the ageless eyes of my tears,
          its canopy of virility
crossing time’s shadows
          in a coverup of touch
          lending its light in a
fluorescence of Forever
          like the soft panorama
          of your skin upon my lips …


© Thespian Drummer

Untitled Sky

The sky
in its liquid blue moisture
permeates my being –
most of autumn and all
of summer rings the air of snow
and rain, rendering the landscape
soft yet modeled by the sun
it is like
this memory of my
own voice listed in the
afterthoughts of the day –
with this setting sun as light,
Sandia golds and raw umbers
scar the desert in its rays

© Thespian Drummer

Of the Orb in Light

The sun as Golden Orb

           blanched clean by western smog

           crepes the light in its angle

shone crimson in blues

turquois in chameau

           a calypso of sorbet

            and asks me,

“where do you come from?

where are you going?  I’d love to hear

 your story, tell me everything –

 It’s not that I don’t know you

It’s just that I don’t see you

as you see yourself —

know that you can find me,

I am everywhere, especially here,

now with all of nature around us

bound by no thing

and no one, like

A fall leaf in the fog

of Autumn’s emergence

casts its fallen doubt

           as water ripples

           // the briefest moment //

a symbol of its life

forming final a time,


           in its finality,

only to give us sleep

           in the blare of Winter

           the length for which

           we – “

you can hear them now,

           in the light waves

           like ripples of the leaf.


© Thespian Drummer


I sing now in a key

           of awe and lament

           in this moment singing

Songs of memory released

and unencumbered by time

           parsing through me as I

           love in the face of loss,

in twilight never known

piqued from the fount of a

           simple look you dreamt my way

           dreams of past lives

they come in absolutions

           and the reckoning of wonder

           where I speak now in a language

I cannot articulate

where we exist in an absence of time

           of quiet, of peace and an overwhelming

           sense of gratitude edged in

the twilight of miracle

Like seeing the reflection of timelessness

seep through the sky’s canvas of blue

— from a lake’s alpine mirror —

           revealing: I am flayed

                       among the stars and their kin


© K.James Ribble

The Choreography of Birds

To the touch of your skin

            the summer winds

            become inspired music

                        to an endless realm

of Autumn dreams

In each movement of your hair,

            within the same breeze there

            accumulate the songs and

Choreography of birds dancing . . .

In your eyes

            there begins the

            soft notes of a daylight

            that engenders the Life Force

                        of every living thing

The delicate sound of your voice

            recalls the colors of an ocean

                        yet discovered in tropics

                        never sailed before

Yet the tone and timbre of

            your songs reflect

                        the umbrage of thunder

                        and all its majestic power

I am discovered and found within you

            ever present

            in my love for you

Quietly fond yet mystified by your

            regard for all that I am

            Humbled by your gaze

            Relinquished to you smile

            Surrendered to your

limitless kindness and Love


© K. James Ribble

Cannons of Elegance

The mountains

            like Soviet tenements

rest at the feet

            of the gods

the tundra lost

            in magnificent scale

at the Coast of Virtue’s venue,

            when we left the Caspian

Evergreens joust with blue,

            like time lost in parry

(movement and place)

            far too lofty among the trees

where colors cast in love’s projection,

            two and three meters of snow

cannot touch these somber skies

Inescapable candor, like

            a hornet’s nest in July

reminds me, before the folly,

            of remnant clouds as

love always takes precedence

            in the sunlit elevation of you:

A cannon of elegance

            in imprints of your love


© Thespian Drummer