Vernal Ascendance

I was dreaming about you the other day …
Caught glimpses of you so vivid
I could touch your face,
Feel your smile emboldened to
A blaze of light, glazing ruminations –

Blinding image washes me again
A baptism in the memoirs of you
Unveiling the never-ending notion
That I am –have always been—
For you, and you for me as

Aquatic rush in thought-rhythm
Polishes all recollections become
The heirloom jewels of inoculate
Protecting me with your carnelian heart,
Your laughter like the infinite summer sun

My waking hours merge now with quite slumber
Acquiesce of sleep lulls me to note that
It’s always you along my harbor of dreams
Your signal light on the pale of every path I walk on
Every journey, every ascent I embark unknown


© K. James Ribble

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