Stance of Time

Stance of time
Stance of thought

I cross towards
the underside
of my time here
The presence
-your presence-
glowing citron yellow
of chance
based on a whim
As if
speaking from
the other side
I find you
in a lounge of
The rocks
as witness
in a web
of      Interpret and
Such is your
this intonation
is not of you,
of your flesh
it is a part
of Who You Are
And I
acknowledge it
fully and
without judgement
or pause.

Because I love you.


© K. James Ribble

On Being

Misgivings of time
align with an
outer destiny
a magnificent memory
of sighs, in signs of
ardor and the
riff of daylight –
My senescence drifts
between dissimilitude
of each thought
as though a river altered
the course of my life
almost in miniature, this misgiving,
as if such a fray and
fury allows for my love
the splendor
of gratitude, so this
imploring in its
reclines like the dawn
of a millennia in
lost magnitudes, like
the diminishing flourish
of your breath upon
my brow in Autumn’s light
© K. James Ribble


what utterances can
we make of
transient, shifting light?
a windowsill of thought
gently murmurs towards
a longing
in my heart and
like the earth, I move
in a whorl of missing
spaces lingering
on a memory of softer
winds whose moment
cannot recall its
own rumination
foretold, forgone,
forever furrowed
into the clouds
of an errant sun,
gold-enlaced with the
caution of gabardine
because my heart
can’t stand the cold
any longer …
so I castigate the transition
of tomorrow’s folded light
as it releases me
from fear, from love’s
own requisite longing

© Thespian Drummer / Utterances


there is a place I’ve found
within me
that is sanctuary to the
memory of you

after all this time
a passage as retrospect
the grief of a given shape
the orb of our moment …

the cherry burl brown
of your eyes haunt me still
the cast iron black of your
long, full brazen hair –

you and I are captured
in that time, it exists on its own
and I cannot help myself
I still come there to see you

where I ruminate by your side
your smell residing within me
our embrace’s form imprinted
from the memory of your kiss

this is all that will ever remain
lost in the castle of this reverie
my younger self inside a cover-sine
light lingering on the angle of you


© K. James Ribble