Realm of Heart

Cast away all fear and
Let the palette of my life
Paint the canvas of
Your heart and mind —
Give to me your thoughts
And I will color in this
Pavonine of idea and concept
Yet pierce the realm of Emotion
On wingéd conscience as
Effortless as horse drawn lovers.

It is in this distance that
I meet you in the realm of heart,
Walk hand in hand with destiny
And kiss your untouched lips:
There I sketch a mockery of lust
Into innocence, overwhelm the doubt
With trust, recreate my lost hope
With vision and significance,
Bring power to my honesty
With your every smile!

In your eyes there
Is more than a dream,
There is an entire Gallery of
Perfection amongst hope restored
Where I honor the hues
And tones of my being
Coming alive throughout the
Universe of your cosmic gaze!

What more can emotion contain?
Is there elocution amidst
The Prism of human feeling?
Indeed I have tapped the very Chroma
Of my life in your presence,
And drunk a simple rainbow of
Culmination on the inside
Of your loving embrace.


© K. James Ribble

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