I speak in real time
As head motions hand
to write
I’ve uncovered layers
of Self
the fog of years
roll revealing
slowly the nature of Now –
Wrought appears at
The edge of
these grasslands
Stops to eat
with my hunger
Along the walkways of a
Furrowed homestead
meditates with the
whippoorwills in the
Summer fauna
all green against green
The infinite gesture
of life unfolds
I hold myself in this
cradle of thought
As the wise
abutilon sings to me.


© K. James Ribble

The Lake

The lake’s canvas of
Touch-craft seeks the foreign

Dignity of my weary steps
This my longing gait, motions

Toward your arms and bribes
The flowered shore of dusk –

Consumes the day, this day
Aligned askew to a lust-red sun

Resolving to an effortless
Musk of silence [approaching]

The hush of night as
Thistle cries weary on this

Occasion of my remembered
Softness of you – and I plunder

The night asking merciful stars
Please, please bring me to you

Your image glowing moonlike
Beside these imploring

Shores of my Alone:
That I can smell the day lilies

Above the floating lotus
Reminds me that I am still

Furlongs away from you
So, so far away
From you . . .


© K. James Ribble


Crystalline caveats mount
The vested blur of time

Awash in the reverence
Of reminiscence – this province,

This taste of your skin has been
Embroidered on my lips of memory

The afterburn so lost within me
I can only recall the moon-kissed

Glow of your heart as if redeemed
By the angels of nocturnal fires

As if all blatancy of emotion to
Suggest even the slightest ocean

Depth of searing want – and so
I’ve capsized inside of you

Exposed my soul adrift on
The nimbus waves of your

Soul to heal – let me heal,
Heal your heart in this time.


© K. James Ribble

My Dreams Awaken

Like the southwestern
Light of Taos
At the edge of these
Ecliptic buttes
Your eyes are hailing me
Between the
Angle of the sun
And the rising flight of dawn
From the sleepless horizon’s
Edge, to the same canopy
Of silence this tangelo
Sun awakens my longing for you
As desert birdsong begins
To lull my risen heart inside
This desire-scene of dreams,
Emerges to form your presence
As a countdown to eternity
Becomes the manifest of
Morning’s condensation on
My skin of burnished hue
And the listless sky of gray


© K. James Ribble


Embraced by
The grounding of this life
My Light of Aura exposes
The footlines of forever,
Expulses an inculcation
Breaming with the fluttering
Moonlight of my
Own expectations
And in so doing an
Invincibility claims
Every word I could ever
Capture inside this night as
My thoughts dissolve
Into you, my ever present Muse,
As cremation of all I know
Begins set to the Rhythm
Of Time like
Worshipping at the threshold
Of my own heart caught in
A candid temple filled by
The incense of your renown
Prayers to my affections –
So I dissolve into you, into
The world – where I
Honor this love
Quenching all the stars
Of Heaven from these
Grateful tears I shed.


© K. James Ribble


Your presence pervades me
As all absence of thought is

Filled with the image of you
On a silent canvas of memory

Released to the miracle of your
Face upon the home of my heart

Each imprint you leave holds
The limitless power of you

A femininity inside of me as
The continuum of my own

Masculine energy emerges like
Summer’s palette of deep color

Trying to find the same hue
Of your eyes at the water’s

Edge of everything that I am
You – the lioness of my Life.


© K. James Ribble


Moon water catches
Breath of Life, the
Unending songs of
This lonely planet

Grabs grief like a
Lost child finding
Solace and grace
In starlight of heaven

Here, I float within
This still and quiet vision
As if hovering above lost
Tales of a Cambrian sea

Like visionaries and their
Ways of water, their prophets
Exceed the common good
For all of us and I

Become captivated reflection
The tide acknowledging my heart
Along the shores of every step
I’ve taken towards revelation


© K. James Ribble


I awoke this morning in
A projection of dreams
The manifest insight like
Denominations of subtle time
Like morning light
That’s never static
Fluttering in a steadfast,
Changing lumen onto you
Here now with me
Beloved lover
Of my longing soul
I am free within
You as all this
Life, this place,
This instant we share
Like scattered stars
Magnifies you among
Every soul I could ever love
In a future I envision
Distilled as you and I


© K. James Ribble


From the intersections
Of youth you will start to see
(I see) a young face fading,
Wilderness of growth makes
The fading ferment
Day-by-day as each
Reflection in consequence
Forms the occasion
Of unmade decisions
Forming in a wicked wind
As if those crossings
Of all those years stepped into
A future I read long ago in
A Shakespearean play and I,
I ran into that life without
Ever looking back,
Costume, makeup and all
Never to wonder ‘whether’
Kept going no matter
The outcome always
Trusting the universe
With all my heart in
Full-throttle naivety


© K. James Ribble