Dream like the knell’s overhang
To a Proclamation of an auto-da-fé
The scene unfolds like a chanteuse
Sings of evocation in dreams-of-a-dream:
My best friend and I are back in Brooklyn

We are sitting on the Front
Porch of Detroit as my friend
Drives up in his jeep but
The car is soaked in Krispy Kreme
Powdered sugar while we dance the Dance

We practiced all day long
A dance to the tune of a song
I remember but I can’t remember
So I fall back asleep and see myself
As a child maybe two or three and

And I am crying, crying looking for
Consolation as my point of view changes-
Now I look into the face of my young self
Become lucid in the dream – my dream-self
Calms my child-self as I become aware

Dream of quietening my young self
Take both of my lucid dream-hands
Cup the face of this blonde child-self
And look directly into our
Cloudless-Sky eyes:

And my lucid self Knows;
The child is being watched –
Now Aware and awake.

© K. James Ribble

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