You are the only one who knew
The man as I was knew me in my
Prime real estate self virile as the
Aurora of the sun the one who sired
Your children by way of a lost love
We could never find you are the only
One who will ever know that man who
In his time shown bright as those
Tuned-in-to-you eyes shown like
Shooting stars across a deep blue-black
Sky falling to earth as we made love
Like LA snowfall in July when that
Time became a trilogy of innocence
Across the triptych of a Journey to
An outland of known/unknown origin
Where our hearts became fodder for a
Cruel star eating all the light we could
Ever emit like time and light and a soulful
Song spent decaying within those beds we
Shared so long ago how could we possibly
Know that man -that man- has come to this?

© K. James Ribble

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