As I Am

As I am my own mimesis
Actor abstruse and unscripted
Yet keep hitting the snooze button on
This unplanned life ‘till I finally get up –
As if the wind gambled – so I get to my feet.

Like sad wisps of air floating in my dreams
I traipse along cold floors of chance
Keep throwing the dice just to say
I know I’m coming back to good-luck thinking
The fortune of us can weather the changes.

I build what I can set plans to a theme
Try to dance to sooth my heart and avoid
Acrimony those ideas to vapid vacillation as Escape-
A common melody of time’s relentless stare.
I try moving in agile company to lose its sarcasm

As if my sense of humor went awry like gin
Composting all these thoughts in fields left fallow
For the oncoming Winter proclaiming to the land:
This is my future my own performance, cross left
Downstage, towards an unlit proscenium of sorrow.


© K. James Ribble

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