Sans S’en Apercevoir

Original Intuition lost before the
Illusory of a hidden coast
The shores of my tense long past forgotten
The insight of my own crystalline dreams
Became a pretense to altered paths

That same ocean that carried us to
The aquiline of dissipation, came forth
Before I ever knew you were already
In love with me, and so I cannot fathom
The pillaring of your heart before our earthen ways

To an absence of our succession before the
Highest beliefs that the same genuine Manifest
Of Time illuminated the entrance to our edifice,
Our capture, like the brilliance of the sullen sun
Before it becomes lost to the neighboring stars.

This now confirms all concatenations,
The timing of You and I, as the caste of our love
Seeks grounding to the gates of forty years –
A seedling we placed in each other’s hearts now
Bears the link we’ve always known would come to this.


© K. James Ribble

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