You’ve conspired to pare me as seigneur of your heart
A complement to an exalt I cannot bear to lose

I hear it in the dusky song of your cerulean eyes
The discursive emergence of a Life Genuine to the

Full overbrim of an incarnadine love so
Smoldering, so embraced by your sojourner arms,

A blistering wrap of our souls becomes heated desire
Beyond surfeit to consummate creation of perfection

There can be no poverty of consequence between us
No deprivation can exceed our baleful hearts while

We find the fire of discovery within our pyretic
Amory, a yearning lust simply to ingratiate our past.

We are one now.  Completion.
© K. James Ribble

Love is Listening

My place on this Earth a
Foliage day in Autumn carries
A leaving of departure – the errant
Defenestration of owing my equinox.

To this unease I am the mismatch
Of a consoling wind, a cenotaph
Of skyloss to a sinking star as if
My birthright to a lover’s misgiving

Paints a fainted river asleep within me.
In this forest silence (an instant) now
My heart lays down beside you oblique to
A Canopy of Loss imposed by disbelief so

I re-lie on stones of our contentious gait
The over-stride of walking towards us, it
Takes me breathless, signifies sunrise
To my heart realized by your azure smile.

© K. James Ribble

Of Promulgation

With the sacraments of

A sculptor I tool words

From a world of marble and

Glazed thread

I am vellum framed

Become Vapor and Light

Like clouds that

Reflect the umber

Of the sun suspended

To columns of a fate

Never revealed before the

Captured heartache of

Love’s guarded satiety –

To the crosswinds of discord I

Leave a wake of tears awash on

The stentorian shores of my calling

 As if I am the channel proclaiming, speak

 As if reading from the Vulgate verses

Rain sonnets of prayer to bear upon the

Sunset of a deified horizon

Like oasis of time thrown to the

Rhythm of clear veneration I do not,

Cannot stop sculpting words

On this evening of gray.

© K. James Ribble