The DNA of Us

I sought Correlation and forged a sympatico within
A boundless hostility unknown even to myself.
This anger, tempered with regret, unleashed a season
Of the coldest winter in the midst of Summer’s stare –

Callous, unafraid – still the words pushed through, (though
Left dormant inside recklessness,) like time caste aside
From my own perdition, aghast in the steppe of Reason.
An agony away from internment confounded by a reign of tears,

I fought a galaxy of despair unknown to me, scraping the tomb
Of all that I had lost, an escalating monument to redemption set against
A sky of rivers that all lead to you, the floating rhythm of your face,
The sigh of your smile, the seconds of your breath –

I lead into you [now] before our time has come, into expanse of sunlight
Yet unspoken, castaway inside your eyes where I become lost, found but
Isomorphic to the same image of you before my own eyes, purely
Captured by our differences in sameness
Across an untouched horizon of fire.
© K. James Ribble