The Chaldean


They were images, phantoms blue like Negril
A synesthesia of sound, color, and the
Syncopated smells of lilac and jasmine – all
Forming the warm Symbol of you
I long to hold.  


I want to tell you, as if I were a Chaldean sensing,
Poetry written is the physical transference
Of the spirit-world to us here on earth – and I become
Aware that it is our ability to Listen that makes
Cogent equal to the depth of your own willingness


To release perception, to un-marry those thoughts
Of who you are and just for a moment consider –
I am who I am – but there are symbols that surround me
That also have bearing of who I am.  It is this conduit that


Is my voice as I speak, as I listen to all that is around me.


© K. James Ribble