Caught the back of a dream
Overlay of memory, vision-ephemeral

A Dissipation, like fog, the dream
Image revealing its mystery right

Before mind’s eye, gone just before I
Can tell the Truth of what I’ve seen

So I become quiet . . . listening
The vision lasting only milli-seconds

Recalling Enough to know that I’d
Seen the trace of that moments’

Face appearing like the last
Frames of film through a

Projector the flutter of light, a
Flood of memory that was meant

To inform my heart that
You are still within me

Harbored deep inside an unknown
Crest of time, floating before me

Like light that dances in-
Between shadow, soft but untouchable,

Unspoken, out of reach of you
Yet find I am still drenched

Deep within, you are still
Deep within me, only memory remains.

© K. James Ribble