Speaking with Angels

The cadence of my life is the heartbeat
Of your mountains and the echoes of my time
I am the infinite downpour of your love
That lay in the beauty of this world of my soul
Where I am the notion of a change in the winds
Of your sight and the sounds of your truth
All gathered and seated over the goodness of the hearth
Of your abundance beside vast lakes of joy
And I flourish and radiate well within the acres
Of my lives with all my doubts expand like an opus
Your precious majesty not unlike the days that
Unfold just like a lullaby a silent emerging
Of my being breathing in the Light of your warmth
Like the grace of the day I was born from you
And I thank you for my days and for my journeys
Thankful beyond these words so I am speechless
I am without recourse in my obligation to you so
I implore you allow me to find the ways to return
This love that I have felt that has been unyielding in
Its unbound nature and immeasurable freedom
For I am honored forever humbled by your gift
I will find the fortune that is mine and come home to you.


© K. James Ribble