The Dreams

I’ve just been in a place
I’ve never seen before
My memory recorded scenes
From which its repertoire is my life
I spoke with people who are miles away
And sensed the truth of their own words within
Knowing the distance involved
My mind is a movie
It reels off life I’ve never imagined
Which it couldn’t possibly make true
In the reality of my present consciousness
And yet directs its own truth
With impeccable quality and finesse
Rendering the subconscious open for
A counter‑mesh of life‑on‑life
Pre‑cognition features
Based on déjà vu’s and flash‑backs
Where the settings are as real as
These words you read
Uncut and virgin
The mind‑film never edits
Nor re‑writes the screenplay
For actors randomly cast for
Such is the reality of a dream
The review for which the critic
Is me


© K. James Ribble