Got caught yesterday above the Sun’s lining
That uneven flow of Now breathing past
Myself as ambush of memories spill
Like the smell of summer’s first cut grass
Invariably those memories catalyze
A thousand scents of you
That pungent incense of our love
Crossed with the sky’s blue-sweet air
They tumble throughout a natural
Frame a presage of this lasting image of us
While carousel of life’s mandala carries
Me from the wreckage of those memories
Places me high above your symbol of living 
In a love so pro-found it becomes
Memory of Eternity that seeks courage
Walking towards you just to say hello
One more step towards you is all I’ve ever sought 
Among the same untold catch of memories 
That lay on the grace of tomorrow’s doorstep
Perfumes of you I’d gladly walk into
As I breach the sun’s cloth of light that loving light of you.
© K. James Ribble