Passages sequel the reveal inside time
Segues the fold of now where I am found
As a Decision casts shadow toward my self
Becomes the light without depth into night
Before I go on I am caught by that light
Passing each night by the choice of desire
Only to be released by love of Life
Enfolding me with angelic embrace
Healing me beyond my only recollection of
Each day before I was born
Wherein time began so I know you
Do not know me and I barely know you
But I am drawn to you and
Without question I am pulled forward
A magnetic force draws me to you
For reasons I am still learning of
Call me crazy if you want but
I can no longer remain silent
There are only these truths I know
To be of a kind and calming nature
Where you and I are caught between
This moment and the chance to find out why
I cannot harness the power of
My Heart’s promise – promise of love
But I can witness the birth of
Its joy – the joy of knowing
If I were to look upon the open sky
I would see you in every shade of blue
If I were to gaze upon the endless ocean
I would see you in every wave and wake
I cannot remember the last time I
Have set the sail of my Heart onto open seas
There is no hold big enough to catch
The weight of my sadness . . .
And yet it is the motion of the water
That catches me, allows me to move downstream
To the depths of your Heart your open
Arms your unconditional love.
Landfall came quickly on my journey to you
Being a castaway on my own ship of fears
Each step I take releases me allows my
Hopes to foster the sun along each ray
So little time except to say
What is really on my mind
Just to walk outside my door brings me
Closer to you your unshielded truth
All the words I could ever write will not
Stop me from finding you


© K. James Ribble