Potential for Truth

So many times I’ve seen the emotional vomit
Of broken hearts – the nauseous heart that lingers

So many times I savored the taste in the bitterness
Of love’s pain the glaring emptiness of emotion’s failure

That sat upon love’s lap like a disgusted rose —
So many times

Then like an Iris blooming in the spring of pure hope
How was I to know that your being there on that day

Would spark on a new and mysterious joy?
I saw the potential for Truth ring through you like

The Liberty Bell and I said to myself
I would gladly pay the bill for the price to find

The Truth in your love the loyalty in your heart
You’ve always sought and to cancel any notion

Of loneliness forever within your lifetime
And yet I realize that I dare not walk

But one more step toward your name that I say
Over and over again in dangerous anticipation.

© K. James Ribble