There are miles between us
I know not the answer to our distance

Yet taste the closeness of our souls
I find time unable to keep

Remembrances to mere image
Thus feel you inside me still.

There has been an establishment (of us)
A form in which no logic can apply

We are the advantage of ourselves
In a limitation that boasts no walls

Caught in mid‑flight

On a touch we never finished

While the wonder of the wind remains
Leaving us together

Leaving you and I alone
Waiting for return

So familiar to our hearts

© K. James Ribble


Winter is the snow‑cold white
Ice‑clear emotion I stand on
Ending tears of crystal thought
You are
Summer like blue on
The days yellow warmth
And distance is the image I retrieve
From the grasp I once lost
On a grip of fear as
Autumn‑bound time
Tears out the feeling of an intention:
To mix the thoughts to a song‑painting
In 7/4 and never finish the instrumental
Just play the sensations color
Like a never‑ending flight
To Alpha Centauri
In star‑light time
Like frosted sunlight
Like the Spring smells
Of a wind‑time romance
In destiny‑wrought human forgiveness
You pause for a moment . . .
And laugh

© K. James Ribble