The Diamond Light Of Losing You

Ice crystals of pain reflect
The diamond light of losing you
Geometry of tragedy reaches
Beyond the grasp of light
Refracting the love I lost
When I walked away from you
As all motion of life collides
With my broken heart inside this
Kaleidoscope of madness
The crimson palace of my sorrow

From far above I see myself
Reaching toward the healing bow
Upon the craft of my own redemption
Built with the hands that gave me Life
Emerging from within my own abandon
And I am lost throughout the stars
Of your magnificence a universe
A galaxy which you began so long
Ago and which I have forsaken

Legends cannot replace the love
We created on those days
Wherein the peaceful waters retreat
To the calm reflection of your breath
And I am reminded once again inside
This hall of ours that your warmth
Forms the Balustrade of my existence
The sweet foundation of our joy
Placed deep inside the anchors of my soul
Only to emerge once again

Free from all the pain of losing you
Returning home welcomed by your
Arms embracing our Perfect Love

© K. James Ribble