alchemy’s abundance

Your abundance tastes like mangoes
allows the awe of allusions’ light

form the salts of oleaginous metaphors
from the look of your distant gaze

like a casual glance of a gazelle now
before the pride as they stalk their prey,

who would have known such passion
thrown to the winds of a simple

notion, can cast the spell of a shadow?
caught in the alchemy of your presence

I slip dawn’s love carefully across your lips

© Thespian Drummer


the sweetest calmness

            forms over me

seeing you here

            now, before me

listening to the music

            of your eyes

imposed against the blue,

            blue summer night

aloft on tethered wings

            I take flight

every time you smile

            swim the waters warm

formed by the fragrance

            of time’s miracle

now here with you

            enflamed with colors

that watch the curvature

            of your radiance

take me to a place

            your heart unfolds

            as I am

bound to you.

© Thespian Drummer

Bluescape of Stillness

As the wind,
in its soundless
bluescape of stillness,
flutters leaves in an
endless cascade of smells

the meadow’s grassleaf,
fragrant in its peaceful
countenance of poise,
shorn by my embrace of
a yellow-candled sun

so mixed with Spring’s
rout of gracious blue
in the rush of pines
around me blushed
in azure-true abundance

so immersed am I in your love
in the passion of your
meadows this open Place
in homage to your infinite
thrush of life held in time

-even for a moment-
you are countless


© K. James Ribble