The Choreography of Birds

To the touch of your skin

            the summer winds

            become inspired music

                        to an endless realm

of Autumn dreams

In each movement of your hair,

            within the same breeze there

            accumulate the songs and

Choreography of birds dancing . . .

In your eyes

            there begins the

            soft notes of a daylight

            that engenders the Life Force

                        of every living thing

The delicate sound of your voice

            recalls the colors of an ocean

                        yet discovered in tropics

                        never sailed before

Yet the tone and timbre of

            your songs reflect

                        the umbrage of thunder

                        and all its majestic power

I am discovered and found within you

            ever present

            in my love for you

Quietly fond yet mystified by your

            regard for all that I am

            Humbled by your gaze

            Relinquished to you smile

            Surrendered to your

limitless kindness and Love


© K. James Ribble

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