I’ve found the yarrow mountains

they sleep with me tonight

among the stars like gilded

diamonds, exhaled contemporaneous

in a sea of capstone blue –

I’ve been mentioned

among their peaks and rifts

the mountains have concealed

my name between their ever-ending

retreat into the canyons’ bosom

of time in elevations of grace

and the tectonics of heart where

I feel home tonight with you,

dreaming of just Being

without hesitation, efficacious in

these acts of life, upon this stage

written from the sweat of my ancestors

made current by the light of my descendants

enfolded now in this instance of

profound consciousness to a place

I’ve walked to for so long, as I

cross time blushed calcareous

on a new pathway, calm in heirloom pinks,

emergent to the love I seek to find you.



© K. James Ribble

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