The Calendar

Staring at the wall calendar
I see uncharted territory

my life in a vast overture
of unknowns like finding sea

glass in the frequency of hours
fading on the shores of lost time –

In the distance I see a
vision outlined in counted

numbers of chance and risk,
a viewing of the open plain

and the horizon cast in thunder,
a sweep of clouds pouring rain

on an endless plateau bearing
the view of uncertainty, emerging

from the cirrus that forms the
sum of my life – but in a way that

powers me forward no longer
counting for the gravity of fear

or aversion to risk – So my time
here becomes a founding, a patient

regard for sacred promises made
to myself long ago – as the calendar

keeps it’s infinite future I begin again
as witness to an understanding:

my time remains the art and practice
of Love – learning to love myself as I am

and loving you in the gift we call Life.


© K. James Ribble

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