In what manner on this earth have I lost
any longer the paged, jeweled books of you?
I’ve come to you from eternity’s doorway
drawn from the spillway of life’s monarchy
of Truth where love cannot lie nor lay in waiting
There is no other way to behold the soul of you –

I behold the color of the sun it is now become that
I have found along the banks of you my living river,
the Earth your eyes, your hair the Night your lips the
daygrace of a thousand petals, rose-enmeshed in a sky
on which the air you breathe clears these waters, your
face a virtue that cannot be lost for I am bound to you!

From the afterflow of your hair to the very spark
of the look in your eyes, it’s as if I am seeing for
the very first time what it means to be wrapped by
enrapture, the casting mist of your light from every
point in the pinnacle of your day and night you are the
Bright beyond the sun and moon, the essence of Life!


© K. James Ribble

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