The Shoreline

Impelled by your memory
I keep coming back
To the shoreline looking
Where the pines, stiff with salt
Reap the forever of their complacence,
And rift the white after-rush of water
With their shadows

I smell the sweet ocean air
Of longing as it seeps into
The bones of my own derision
Imploring me to come back
To look for you knowing full well
You are long since traveled on,
The white road and horse as companion,
More than my heart could hold in hand

So I am crestfallen within you
Instead ever vigilant to the history of
Your heart as I survey the tree line
For your peregrine friends asking them
To watch over you above the same
Vast lands of us and the roads we will
Travel once again to each other before dawn


© K. James Ribble


There’s a lessening of thought


Something I [never] believed

was possible

And yet here I am

Motionless in a sea of


Open to the world in

All its wonder

Caste to a frequent

Infringement of discovering

Day in daybreak

Absolution of economy

Never once

Did I look back

To forget

Its all mine

All mine


© K. James Ribble

When We Ruled

Resolution ends in a mayfair of this
Bespoken heart of mine – creates the
Truss to all these lands of rule, this my soul
Of longing stands before your presence
While pleading for dismissal of my marrow
Between the deep visions of your russet hair &
The memory of your ebony skin upon my lips

Release me from this wantonness of late,
Allow the sun of our ancestors to reign free
Across our bed berthed from the legacy of this love
We’ve created to let these lost majestic threads
From which our hearts unspool release as tangent
The crying desert fjords of us in flowering
Sandalwoods and the myrrh of lost time –

Adjacent these reins of power we build in a
Triptych light of agony where infinity calls upon
Itself, showered in the unjust, quiet restraint of fire
Revealing the blue fragrance of your hair filling me
To the ends of earthly limits, this symbol I hold in
Devotion to your rule and expose lamellate lands to
Attest I will always be within your august light.


© K. James Ribble

the inquiry

I was
At the front of joy
In the station of regret
[while] I waited for the next
Collection of regards –
Only to behold the inquiry
Of my desires – all for which
Those years I no longer
thought valid, between
The mirror of light from
The lake of these sorrows,
And the wonder of your
Crescent smile — so
I am profoundly yours
Into this illuminating night.


© K. James Ribble