Embraced by
The grounding of this life
My Light of Aura exposes
The footlines of forever,
Expulses an inculcation
Breaming with the fluttering
Moonlight of my
Own expectations
And in so doing an
Invincibility claims
Every word I could ever
Capture inside this night as
My thoughts dissolve
Into you, my ever present Muse,
As cremation of all I know
Begins set to the Rhythm
Of Time like
Worshipping at the threshold
Of my own heart caught in
A candid temple filled by
The incense of your renown
Prayers to my affections –
So I dissolve into you, into
The world – where I
Honor this love
Quenching all the stars
Of Heaven from these
Grateful tears I shed.


© K. James Ribble

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