Sword of Resolve

like the heavens revealed//I float
behind the stars//an Etch of lost memory
tendered to the surface//on the great lakes of time.
As visionary//of this unyielding blue//
and Wet meridians//I gesture towards release//
while Clash of thoughts//run clean through me//
like an Awl propelled to my Chest//my heart
scarred in love like the Hew of Laws meant
for striking ones enemy//so I Whet my sword of resolve//
open myself to love once more//try not to Welch on my
promise//to keep this conspectus of Life divine//
but grounded//like the Talcs of kindness//
they are a burden now released//from the Salt found
on the Clew//of my ship of dying fears.

© K. James Ribble

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