The Constellation of You

I walk the give and flow
Of my days, traverse
The untouched constellations
Of a universe aligned to
The evenings hush of dusk
Watch the hoarfrost outside
Play its sweet melody
Sing a veneer of light
A costume of Heart
Plotting every note
Of warmth I hear
Above the lofty
Songs of you.
I travel its lush
Allegories this music,
A Quiet sighting of mythos
Distilled in timelessness,
Passing me like the light
Of Castor and Pollux the
Luminous friends of Orion,
Their shine reflecting your
Place within me so it
Becomes the Magnitude
Of my affections long before
Your shining heart cast
Its radiant light upon me –

I am yours.

© K. James Ribble

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