The Cascade of You

She’s like fire inside me
Anchored to the core of my own daylight

Forever unannounced by my heart’s
Recourse so that her presence is always a surprise.

Her senescence is revoked by the mists that
Cast a lovely spray of color across the bow

Of my Honesty thus I cannot approach her
Without the vulnerability of my soul exposed

So I inhale her every thread of empathy
As Sunlight dances to the smile of her gaze

Like her laughter that fills each breath I take the
Unguent jeopardy of my approaching arms

Cannot diminish the highlands of our oneness
The setting sun of our lovers embrace.


© K. James Ribble

– Inspired by the music of Phillip Wilkerson
‘Sweet Eva Lena’ on Highlands


We think we know how to go along
When in fact we are in constant moment-to-moment
I look behind me all those years ago
And see a man who knew no fear

Not because anxiety did not register but
Because an Aurorae of Innocence enveloped me
Like a chrysalis, the placenta of life
Embracing me in a warmth still natal

With known unknowing

I grieve for that man
The loss oft times gets the best of me
I clamor for his youth and vitality
Knowing his naivety was not his fault

A fore-ward glance at the moments ahead
Cannot contain my consolation
Of leaving him on the steps of his own critique
Cantilevered to the bedrock of his reckless curiosity
To just let him go.

© K. James Ribble

Vituperation of Faith

A forest chill has formed around me
A glaucous and opaque request
Noting that I am viscous all at once
Before falling into disarray
This greyness cannot fathom
The relentless purge of color
From a disowned parque of my mind
It Surrounds the clamoring of evil
My own devotion resting lost among
The silence of these trees that sing to me
A chorus of redemption that seals its
Way between the rictus of my own liturgy
Becoming Lost before an anarchy of faith
That I am remotely softened to the touch
When the sound of your voice recoils my
Heart into an open hall of grace and
I cannot breathe any longer – I must
Leave this place leave before I am
Erased standing right in front of you
Seeking to be recovered by my own deliverance.
© K. James Ribble

No Doubt

I am an enfilade of sunlight
Cast its last moments of life
Above the horizon, a cast away
Of my own device rendering

A subterfuge of new choices
Against the form of an extraordinary
Chance to wish good among all men
Billowing from the ramparts of dawn.

An accomplice of doubt catches wind
Of his debauchery only to concede
To strong advice that a benefit of living
Does not come without cost.

A tantamount reflection into the times
Of that moment projects back all that I have
Given in a path only to you where
My walk toward you has just begun.


© K. James Ribble

“No Doubt” first appeared on this blog in October of 2016. It was since published in Figroot Press Issue Three December 2016, a wonderful collection of poetry, prose, art & photography, found here.  Check it out!  >KJR<

An Apology

There, in the parlor, I knew
This love would not last
If that’s what you could call it
But I did not have the courage
To speak up –

I could’ve said something
Been more attentive to the Voice
Inside me – but I was naïve
And unaware, following rules
Not even I could believe.

Thus the cruel stage was formed
Upon a barren set of lonely
Scenes, a pauper’s place,
A remnant of what could have been

For this I cannot say how
Sorry I am for deceiving you
If there’s any consolation at all
Know that I pay a heavy price
Inside my own despair of loneliness
And the deserted silence of time.

© K. James Ribble