No Doubt

I am an enfilade of sunlight
Cast its last moments of life
Above the horizon, a cast away
Of my own device rendering

A subterfuge of new choices
Against the form of an extraordinary
Chance to wish good among all men
Billowing from the ramparts of dawn.

An accomplice of doubt catches wind
Of his debauchery only to concede
To strong advice that a benefit of living
Does not come without cost.

A tantamount reflection into the times
Of that moment projects back all that I have
Given in a path only to you where
My walk toward you has just begun.


© K. James Ribble

“No Doubt” first appeared on this blog in October of 2016. It was since published in Figroot Press Issue Three December 2016, a wonderful collection of poetry, prose, art & photography, found here.  Check it out!  >KJR<