Vituperation of Faith

A forest chill has formed around me
A glaucous and opaque request
Noting that I am viscous all at once
Before falling into disarray
This greyness cannot fathom
The relentless purge of color
From a disowned parque of my mind
It Surrounds the clamoring of evil
My own devotion resting lost among
The silence of these trees that sing to me
A chorus of redemption that seals its
Way between the rictus of my own liturgy
Becoming Lost before an anarchy of faith
That I am remotely softened to the touch
When the sound of your voice recoils my
Heart into an open hall of grace and
I cannot breathe any longer – I must
Leave this place leave before I am
Erased standing right in front of you
Seeking to be recovered by my own deliverance.
© K. James Ribble