I am held between memory and today
Incredulous with emotion, a captive
Cinder of time floating in mellifluous
Cedars of laughter on a dirge of my beautiful fate

I’ve become implored by these times, blessed
Beyond my years of endless crying over
Things I can or could not control –
As if I could stop the rain from falling

I peer through this Warren of infinity
A millenary of weeping, sifting like the sound of
Sirimiri along the edges of my heart, its vest
Forming the pages of a parched and dusty record . . .

All these reflections float through me
Crystal objects from a flowing reminiscence, I
Breathe in the lovely wreckage impelled by my
Soul, from these longing hills of remembrance.

© K. James Ribble

Most of All

There are not enough
Stars in the sky
To illuminate my heart
The way you did on the
Day you were born

All the oceans of this
World and those of
Distant planets cannot fill
My heart the way you do
When I am in your presence

There is no fire that can
Equal the calming warmth I
Witness when I walk beside you
Not even the sun has as much
Grace aside the stride of your step

And most of all the blues of this
Place, this home we call Earth
Cannot equal the blue of your eyes
Like the eyes of your mother
They are caught only by the
Blue of my love
For you.


© K. James Ribble