Where the Stars Weep

At prevue’s glance, shown in
a murmuration of memory
such purity in motion

where I draw in to you
without question – resolute
in my dream that culminates,

enlumines the form of your Light
known only to you and I
where the stars weep in agony

of losing their sight to the
soft bezel of your eyes and the
measure of your laughter

long before these words unfold
into the night of skies —
into the day’s last gaze of sun

In to you

Drunk in your sovereignty
Ownership has no presence
Here, even if

If all the world
Were the bounty for
My love for you

I would never release it
There is nothing in
This universe that

can compare to the
gainful look of your smile
bringing Tears to the wingspan

Of every swallow in these lands
where I am yours
we belong to us

©Thespian Drummer

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