Passage of Time

There are times I fret
over what could have been
grieve with you over
all your losses knowing
there is no way I could ever
go back to comfort you
in those times of struggle,
easing the pain of your Heart

In the passage of time
there is this place where the
absence of your presence
defies the day ahead
shown bright against
the mountains and
it threatens me
like a ghost from an
afterlife never lived –
like a faded memory
it evaporates with the clouds
finding me alone again
in that time, without
you, just as I am now

Knowing all that you have been through
knowing the depths of your despair
wondering how I can support your healing
with the understanding that I am
I am here – right now


Allow me to bring you comfort
allow me to help you heal your heart
allow me the honor of bringing you
to the place you want to start again

I’ve been embraced
by so much love from you
and your Light illumes
the crystal sky around me
with the colors of your love



© K. James Ribble

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