Without, I Am

Before I knew you, your
breath within my eyes

an inhale of your heart
that forms a façade of light

in words left unspoken
falling to us in generations

placed in edifice
of stone and stripe

the glare of western light,
as distraction in deflection

placed blithely at our feet
of these glass mountains

as reminiscence forming
our memory tipped in

the lace and veil of night,
from the very songs of you

your melody washed in the
morning light of Innocence

borne of yesterday’s youth
forged in the pain of living

matured by the grief of

now revealed in a longing,
these lost years of I

vaporous in the corridors
of my time without me,

jeremiad as the
cedars of Huron where

our ancient mythos
enshrines us dreaming,
long before our time.


© K. James Ribble

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