No Limits

These were the words taken
From the root my mouth, like a shoreline
Breaks across the threshold of silence
Where I only heard your moments

Of trusting

That trust came to me in an honesty I longed
To proffer – that feeling like sighting cliff swallows in
The sun, their fallen streaks of light just bright
Before their time expires in the warming wind

Of trusting

Like the ocean air as strophic, its rhythm filling the
Spindle of every breath you’ve given, where
Honesty is the only vantage point in time, lost
To the epicenter of your view – if only there were time

Of trusting

I’d clear the ossuary of this moment to
The bone of seconds freeing the deepest love
You promised to yourself upon every sense
You’ve never experienced -before the limits-

Where there would be no limits of trusting.


© K. James Ribble – for @aftersalt

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