The Shoreline

Impelled by your memory
I keep coming back
To the shoreline looking
Where the pines, stiff with salt
Reap the forever of their complacence,
And rift the white after-rush of water
With their shadows

I smell the sweet ocean air
Of longing as it seeps into
The bones of my own derision
Imploring me to come back
To look for you knowing full well
You are long since traveled on,
The white road and horse as companion,
More than my heart could hold in hand

So I am crestfallen within you
Instead ever vigilant to the history of
Your heart as I survey the tree line
For your peregrine friends asking them
To watch over you above the same
Vast lands of us and the roads we will
Travel once again to each other before dawn


© K. James Ribble

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