The Chaos of Lamentation

If tears were become beauty
My life before you would weep
The river of my ever flowing heart
Until every drop proclaimed
My love for you –

If sorrow were become grace
Like the light of your eyes
This, my grief would still
Cast an unending stream
Of the deepest courage

Would never run dry by
These raging waters of my
Devotion to you,
Distilled by the wonder
Of your consecrated heart –

If silence were become truth
For all the loss of this world
In which I have found you
Across the ages of every epoch
Before the beginning of

You and I, let this soundlessness
Break me into a million pieces
That I may take every shard of
This broken earth and offer them
To you in unceasing fealty

That it may heal you in the
Same Light of life you
Have given me, my gratitude
Beyond this realm of heart
Beyond the sphere of divine

© K. James Ribble

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