Under Orion

I hold these conversations with my young self,
Reckonings and recallings, all
Beckoning to the relegation of pure sound, the
Amber-rhythms of just how the words resound //

My younger-self acknowledges my presence
Warmly smiles the distance before the sun
In the waves of his own remembrance,
Like facing two mirrors with self Knowledge

The light from that time has not hit him yet
So the insights are all incomplete, merely images
Reduced to recollections. This bounty which is
Catastrophically unknown. And so it goes, a

Duvet of soft folly sprained across the cantle of
Our mount, this beast of burden weighing softly,
Strong as the ripstop applied to our waste – in
The same flawless patina is our face in the stars

© K. James Ribble

*Inspired by the song of the same name from the album, Moonwater, by Rudy Adrian

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