Re vision

Reminiscent of patriarchy
The echelons of our singing
Are desolate unto themselves, like
Reluctance in the stare of the eagle

Intermittent flame of incessant desire
I become casing of petulant failure, a
Madman mending a sad moon in spite
Of a coldness unlike today’s rain

Open to the statement of the dreams
Comes to a relative point in time
Where faith becomes reason unto its
Own revelations – divine relevance.

This, as I Become, afraid only
Today as if satellites coalesce,
Clandestine moons peak-flow
Their dalliances like peach sentinels

An escape to every pause I set a risk
To be even one-tenth vulnerable –
As if Ocean aire elevates us all, like
Singing a sole vision in grains of light

We only get this one chance
Our ghosts before us lost to lore.

© K. James Ribble

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