I’ve transformed all portraiture of virtue
My being vantage of visage revealed as
The meeting of our hearts stand as coil
To the preface of us like the sun and moon

A fever dream, you fall into unconscious
Omniscience lay down inside me as
A prism that charts no spectrum towards
My gaze so I fall deep, deeply into your eyes

And just as you were leaving, I met
Those eyes, the eyes of a woman
Who knew what she wanted as cascade of
Feelings rolled into me like summer thunder

A blue cavalcade of paired embrace and sorrow
Knowing I will never see you again – but
Smiling anyway as you kissed my cheek
A sweet remembrance of time’s lost furrows

After all we had been through I felt
As though my heart now fell further away
Launched from some unknown shore of torment
Towards an open sea with no course charted

No one at the helm but me.

© K. James Ribble

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