Who Am I?

Years ago I witnessed a lurid dream of a
Massive mandala partially submerged
Just off the shore of Lake Michigan.

I was sailing upon a glorious schooner
Like the Adventure gazing towards the Shoreline
But my view was shadowed by the giant circle –

Between us it rose twice the height of our top mast
Was made of fine white pine logs appearing like
A toy left by a giant whose interest had waned long ago.

As I slowly sailed towards this magnificent
Structure, its spokes varnished with gulls and the
Entrails of their meals, I heard its Voice speak to me

A Familiar call, like a tentative temptation, to listen,
And listen closely: “If I were to tell you, you only
Had a few months to live would you believe me?” I barked

To my crew to quickly drop anchor so that I could
Listen further not wanting to miss this moment, this instant
That I might learn more about this Being, this voice I know

But don’t know yet.

© K. James Ribble

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