I. Breathless I emerge un-cleansed,
Tantamount to the arbitration of a
Suggestion, and usher my own
Greenery of choices bearing witness
To passionate decisions – in spite of
My own dismay – thus,

II. I see its why, aside from
Political metaphors
Ringing hollow, (as
 Ascendant depreciatives
 In a non-descript world), – only its

III. Color, yellow-fisted, reminds
One of winter-sky at dawn, an
Immersion of Cloudlessness and
Absence combined with resolution
And absolution in grays.

IV. I rise now, fettered by the light,
A common undertow of reason under my wings,
Faculties ablaze with conscience, while
The choices amass an unlikely ally,
While the Greenery resolves to act upon me.

© K. James Ribble